Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink

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Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink

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The kitchen sink is one of the most important items in your home, whether you’re choosing stainless or ceramic and undermount or drop in, choosing the right one is essential. Preparing family-sized dinners and washing the dishes will keep you interacting with your sink multiple times a day.

With so many options, there are three key steps in determining what is the best sink for your kitchen remodel project including: installation type, sink size, and the material of the kitchen sink.

Before you pick out what material, you will need to decide what type of mounting you want for the sink. There are essentially two different types of installation, self-rimming and undermount or undercounter sinks.

Drop in sinks are the most commonly used sinks because of their ease of installation and cost effectiveness. As the name implies, drop in sinks are dropped into your kitchen counter and the lip of the sink overlaps onto the surface of the counter.

Undermount or undercounter sinks are mounted underneath the kitchen counter meaning there is no lip hanging over the edge of the sink. Many people find that it is easier to wipe things into a sink a sink due to the seamless surface. Using a professional installer will make the slightly more complicated process of installing an undermount sink much easier when new counters are being placed.

The next step to consider is choosing the actual size and configuration of the sink. There are a ton of choices ranging from single or double bowl to square or circle basins. Really consider how you will be using your sink! Do you wash a lot of dishes? If you do, you may want a double bowl so you can wash the dishes in one bowl, and let them dry in the other. If you use a lot of larger pans when cooking, a deep, single bowl will give you the depth and space needed to clean the pans properly.

The last step to consider is often the most exciting, what material do you want? Kitchen sinks come in a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, marble, concrete, copper, other stone and many more. Choosing what material you want depends on the following three things: budget, your personal kitchen needs, and visual preferences. With such a wide range of choices available, one is sure to meet your budget, needs, and aesthetic preferences of any family!g>

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